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       Half A World Away Reviews


        I have just finished 'Half a World Away.   It makes a good story so I read it from cover to cover. At no time did I want to put it down.

        When is the next one due? Put me on your membership list!

        Peter A Renolds 

        I  have just finished your book and what a wonderful story!

        So much excitement in every page where every character gets its just reward. I loved it!

        Clara Pizza

        I met you at Dymocks, Indooroopilly and bought your book. I was busy all day Saturday so started reading yesterday. I'm currently up to chapter 25 and                    back into it tonight...the book so far is brilliant, well-introduced characters, great storyline and easy to read....thanks. Sleep maybe overrated when it                        it comes to this book!     

        Jamie Fergie   

        Just letting you know I have finished reading your novel ‘Half a World Away.’ I found it a great read. You have made your characters come to life and the                  the history of the hard life endured was, to say the least, enthralling.

        Couldn’t put it down, you have done a great job and I am sure the novel will do well.

        Cate Brownlow

        Just finished reading. Loved the book. When is the next one due.

        Kerri-Ann Machado


        I thoroughly enjoyed your book - much research involved for a good read.

        Faye Prior WA


        A great read.

        B. Sharpe


        I’ve been reading your novel and I am quite taken with it, what an interesting read!

        Suzanne Cowell


        I'm reading this now and it's a treat.  It's like I'm reading a script to an Aussie movie! So descriptive.

          Bell Ellis ~ Little Gnome Book Cafè 


          A perfect book to enjoy during a vacation.  Well constructed, easy to read and captivating to the end.     Janet affirms herself as a true story teller.

        Simone Charmers ~ France


          I have been reading your novel and I am really quite taken with it.  What an interesting read!

        Suzanne Cowell ~ Queensland


        I took a flyer from you outside Dymocks, North Lakes a little while ago and you asked if once I'd read the book would I let you know

        what my thoughts were..

        Well I found it very disappointing!!!!

        Disappointed that it ended so soon as I was really enjoying it. I sincerely hope that we get some sequels.

        Terrie Seymour


        I am an avid reader, approximately one book per week. I haven't had a good read since finishing 'Game of Thrones' some months back. 

        I bought your book at Angus & Robertson, Capalaba Park and although a completely different genre from above, thoroughly enjoyed it.

        Keep up the good work. Look forward to your next book.

        Frank Blake






















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