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Australian Colonial Fiction

A gripping tale of corruption, suspense and intrigue. 


At age twenty-two, Ryan's future looks bleak and questions in regards to his survival play heavily on his mind.  Sentenced to seven-years transportation to the penal colony of New South Wales, Ryan’s problems have only just begun.  What did fate have in store for him once he stepped ashore, and was it going to be possible to maintain his existence for the remainder of his seven-year sentence. - an author of Australian history

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I'm reading this now and it's a treat.  It's like I'm reading a script to an Aussie movie! So descriptive.

Bell Ellis ~ Little Gnome Book Cafè 


A perfect book to enjoy during a vacation.  Well constructed, easy to read and captivating to the end.     Janet affirms herself as a true story teller.

Simone Charmers ~ France


I have been reading your novel and I am really quite taken with it.  What an interesting read!

Suzanne Cowell ~ Queensland

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